Big Christmas Cracker Pull 2016 – UPDATE


A BIG THANK YOU to everybody that participated in the Big Christmas Cracker Pull on Saturday.

Unfortunately we did not reach the target of 1,300 to beat the Guinness World Record and get in the record books. We managed just short of 800 people. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves none the less. If you look back at our website towards the end of the week there will be a certificate to download saying that you participated in the event.

Once again, thank you to all that participated and on behalf of Little Chelsea Traders Association we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas !

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  1. Louis MacQuire-Plows

    I have kept returning to see if the certificate of participation is available but as yet nothing has been uploaded. Unfortunately my 2 children have not forgotten and still keep asking when they are going to get their certificate. Could you let me know if this is still going to be done or if you are no longer going to provide a certificate?

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